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Download & Setup ADB & Fastboot - Complete Tutorial

ADB aka Android Debug Bridge is a software package which you must have to do various Android system related task. During rooting or installing custom recovery, many times we may require to run a few ADB or Fastboot commands. That’s why we have to set up ADB & Fastboot properly. In this guide, we will give you a decent idea of how to setup ADB & Fastboot on the Windows system. We will try to add setup instruction for Mac OSX and Linux later.

Fastboot command mostly used in devices that come with Fastboot bootloader. For example Google Nexus devices, Xiaomi Android devices, Asus Android devices etc. comes with Fastboot bootloader while ADB command should work on any Android-powered devices.

ADB Fastboot Installation Guide

How to Setup ADB/Fastboot on Windows

  1. Download the Android SDK package for Windows [Google Download Link]
  2. Extract the zip files to your C: drive. Now you have a folder platform-tools [C:\platform-tools]
  3. Technically you can now run all adb & fastboot command, however only when you are in the source folder. However, if you want to run commands from anywhere like most other Windows commands then you have to define the command in Windows’ environment variables.
  4. Defining it is easy. First open the folder where adb.exe is present and take note of that path. In our case its C:\platform-tools.
  5. Now, go to desktop, right click on Computer and select Properties. On the left pane, click on Advanced System Settings. A new window should appear. Select Environment Variables under Advanced tab and select Path variable and then click edit.
  6. It’s time to add the path that we noted on Step 7 to the variable value and hit OK. It will look something like this: ;C:\platform-tools
    The semicolon separates it from other values.
  7. Confirm and apply all the changes.
  8. To confirm that ADB has been configured properly, open CMD window and type in: adb
That’s it! You now have ADB successfully installed and configured on your Windows machine. As fastboot.exe also present in the same platform-tools folder, you don’t need to do anything. You should be able to run both adb and fastboot commands from any folder in your Windows computer. 

via lineageos.org


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