Tuesday, January 8, 2019

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4 Benefits Of Rooting Android Devices

Today, I will discuss the benefits of rooting Android devices (mobile, tablet etc.). At ShizHub we discuss about rooting various Android devices time to time.  Whenever you heard the term rooting, you might be wondering what’s that and what the benefits or advantages of it. However, before discussing advantages, I want to share three disadvantage of it – one is, you device warranty will be void (you can usually get it back by restoring your device to original firmware). Second is, you may no longer receive official firmware update through traditional way, however you can always flash it manually. And the third is, rooting may comes with potential security threat as it allow a permitted app to access system files. Now come back to advantages of root. Root is one of the most used term in Android ecosystem. I have already written many articles on rooting various devices at ShizHub and today I will discuss about the benefits of rooted Android devices (smartphone /tablet / camera) below.

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Benefits Of Rooting Android Devices

1. Install Root Only Apps: There are many apps in Google Play Store that only work when you have a rooted Android device. Most of these apps are super useful. For example Titanium Backup is a fantastic app that can backup your whole device data that otherwise not possible. Another app called DiskDigger, is super powerful to recover deleted images and videos. There are many such apps, themes and customization that can only work when you have a rooted Android device.

2. Access System Files: By default all manufacture restrict user from accessing system files to provide more secure using experience. However, after rooting you can access system files and get full control on your device. It even let you remove bloatware (manufacturer only apps), tweak system files for better performance and much more. Taking over complete control over your Android device allow you to edit core apps, install new themes, execute commands, and perform all sorts of other special tasks. In one word, it let you extract full power of your Android device.

3. Install apps on your SD Card: Usually Android device comes with limited amount of inbuilt space that ultimately offer you to install limited number of apps. If your device support external memory (SD Card) then it will be good idea to use your SD card space for installing apps. Since Android OS prevent you to move your app to SD card by default, you must root it first. After root it’s possible to install apps on your SD card with the help of various MOD and apps, which means more space for your important files or big games.

4. Easy Custom Recovery Installation: Custom recovery is a very important part of Android, specially when you want to install custom ROMs and MODs. There are many ways to install custom recovery. However, if you own a rooted device then it become so easy. Just install an app such as TWRP and then use it to install custom recovery easily without using your PC.

Above mentions are few of the benefits that a rooted Android device (smartphone / tablet / camera) offer you. However, you will learn more benefits as you explore the Android universe. In sort, if you want to utilize the power of your Android device you should root it.


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