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How To Backup Android Mobile / Tablet Data - The Ultimate Guide

Back up is very important word in Android world. Specially for those who like to experiment with their devices. Fortunately, Android comes with some basic backup feature that will surely help you to recovery some part of your data.

Every Android device comes with Auto-Sync feature, which if activated, will automatically backup your Calendar and Contact details. These days Google Photo also offer unlimited backup for your media files (though you have to compromise some quality). This all means, if for some reason you erased your data, you just login to your gmail account (which you used to sync your data) and sync your data.

The next big thing could be your WhatsApp data. Fortunately, WhatsApp too comes with its very own backup feature (Settings > Chats > Chat Backup).

Beside all this important thing, there are few other thing we may like to backup such as Phone messages or app data. For those important need we do have some apps and utility that could help us out.

Android Ultimate Backup Guide

1. JS Backup: This is a very useful app that you can use to backup various necessary data of your Android system. It can backup and restore contacts, MMS, call history, text messages, calendars, bookmarks, system settings, shortcuts, alarms, dictionaries, applications, images, music, playlists, and videos. Apart from storing data on SD Card, you can also sync your data in cloud services including Dropbox, SugarSync and GoogleDocs. The app also allow you to track your backup history when you are connected to net. [Play Store Link]

2. My Backup: Another excellent free backup app that you can check out. The app work on both rooted and non rooted Android device. Though, a rooted device will enjoy more benefits. My Backup app can backup your Applications, Photos, Music, Videos, Contacts, Call log, Browser Bookmarks, SMS (text messages), MMS, Calendar, System Settings, Home Screens (including shortcut positions), Alarms, Dictionary, Music Playlists, APNs and more. You can save the backup data right on SD card or can go with secure server that the developer offering. For additional benefits you can buy My Backup Pro. [Play Store Link]

3. Ultimate Backup Tool: Its not an Android app but a Windows software (a Mac and Linux version also available) that allow you to backup your phone data without root or unlocked bootloader. If your device is running on Android 4.0 ICS or higher then you can use this little utility to backup your data. The app have following options: backup without system application, backup with data application, backup application, backup sd card, backup single app, backup sms, backup phone book, backup cloud sms/phonebook, restore Phone book and restore SMS. Unfortunately, this backup utility yet to support HTC One series and Sony devices released from 2011. Download Ultimate Backup Tool

4. Titanium Backup: This considered most powerful backup tool for Android. However, its only for rooted devices. This Android app is capable to backup, restore, freeze (with Pro) your apps + data + Market links. This includes all protected apps & system apps, plus external data on your SD card. You can do 0-click batch & scheduled backups. Backups will operate without closing any apps (with Pro). You can move any app (or app data) to/from the SD card. You can browse any app's data and even query the Market to see detailed information about the app. [Play Store Link]

5. Nandroid Backup: If you managed to install a custom recovery such as TWRP recovery then you will get another backup up, called Nandroid backup. In this backup, it creates a clone of your device OS. You can later restore the backup (zip file) through the same custom recovery.

Hope, you will use one of this backup option as precaution; so that if you lose your data by accident, you can still recover it.


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